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The feedpage on Hashnode provides a convenient way to view the most recent articles from the writers and publications you follow, covering the topics of your interest.

The feedpage is structured into three sections: Personalized, Following, and Featured.

The Personalized Feed

The Personalized articles section displays a curated selection of posts specifically tailored to your interests. These articles are sourced from the tags that you have chosen to follow.

By following tags that align with your preferences, you can stay updated with the latest content and discussions related to those topics.

The Following Feed

The Following articles section on the feedpage showcases a compilation of articles authored by writers and publications that you actively follow.

For optimal utilization of the Following articles section, we recommend that users carefully choose and follow writers and publications whose work resonates with their specific interests and preferences.

The Featured Feed

The Featured articles section on the Hashnode feedpage highlights a curated collection of articles that have been handpicked by Hashnode moderators.

These articles are specifically chosen for their exceptional quality, relevance, and overall contribution to the Hashnode community. You can read more on how we feature articles here.

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