How do we feature articles on Hashnode?
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Must have

  • The article should be original. The plagiarism percentage match should be < 5%.

  • It should NOT be promotional or spammy in nature.

    • For example, intelligently include a bunch of backlinks to some products without offering substantial value in an article.

  • It ought to benefit readers and impart knowledge.

Additional determining factors

  • If the article is generic (and therefore appeals to the general audience), it's a good candidate.

  • We generally avoid featuring really short articles unless they are exceptional. Nevertheless, Read Time is not the only factor.

  • Reactions and comments have no bearing on our choice. However, we do have a look while going through the articles.

  • We are OK featuring republished articles as long as they offer value. We try to highlight items that are inclusive and diverse.

  • We give a wide variety of authors a chance. We don't select the same authors all that often.

This is what a Featured Article looks like on Hashnode Feed Page.

A featured badge will also be visible on the article, as shown below:

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