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How to Connect your Twitter Account to Hashnode
How to Connect your Twitter Account to Hashnode
Updated over a week ago

Subscribe to the publications from the people you already follow on Twitter.

Step 1: Once you join Hashnode, you'll notice the "Connect your Twitter" button on the homepage.

Click on the button; you can do this once; after completing it, The banner will be removed from your feed. If you can't find the banner on the Hashnode homepage, then click here.

Step 2: You'll be taken to the Twitter authorization page; click the "Authorize app" button.

You will be redirected back to Hashnode after completing your authorization.

Step 3: Hashnode will display the total number of the profiles of Hashnode writers you follow on Twitter, as shown below.

Step 4: You can choose to select all suggestions or select the profile individually, then click the "+ Follow" button when you're done.

Step 5: You'll receive a success notification at the button corner of your screen.

Note: You'll get an automated email every week highlighting your new followers. You

disable these emails from your account settings by modifying your email preference

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