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Remove Hashnode Branding from your Blog Footer
Remove Hashnode Branding from your Blog Footer

Make your blog your own by removing Hashnode branding from the footer.

Updated over a week ago

If you are subscribed to Hashnode Pro, you'll have the option to remove the Hashnode branding from your blog's pages such as the homepage, blog pages, and series pages.

Step 1: Visit your blog dashboard.

Step 2: Click the Appearance option on the left side panel as shown below.

Step 2: Scroll down to the "Remove Hashnode branding from footer" section and turn on/off the Hashnode branding for your blog pages.

Step 3: Click the "Update" button when you've made your desired changes and proceed to your blog's footer to preview the changes.

If you're not a Hashnode Pro user yet, you can click the button below to subscribe to one of our Pro Plans.

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