Creating a Team Blog on Hashnode

Everything you need to start a team blog for your company on Hashnode

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Hassle-free blogs for fast-growing teams!

An end-to-end blogging platform for devtools, engineering, and open-source teams. Map the blog to your company's domain or any custom domain!

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How to create a team blog for your company on Hashnode:

  1. Log into your Hashnode account.

  2. Navigate to your Dashboard by clicking on the avatar button and following the steps in the image below.

3. Click on the Dropdown button beside the "Write button" on the Hashnode header from the Dashboard.

4. Click on the Create Team Blog option from the dropdown menu.

5. Decide the blog's destination. Hashnode gives you a sub-domain for free forever. If you intend to use as your company's blog, enter your company's name in the input field. For example, enter google for

Skip to step 10. If you want to map a custom domain, proceed to step 6.

Hashnode onboarding screenshot for teams

6. If you want to map a custom domain, click on "Map my custom domain".

7. Enter your company's sub-domain or a new custom domain on this screen.

Hashnode onboarding - map a custom domain screen

8. Head over to your DNS provider (the website that controls your domain name) and add a CNAME record where the hostname is @ and the corresponding value is We'll automatically provision an SSL certificate for you when you visit your blog for the first time.

If you are using something like Cloudflare, please bypass it for this domain.

💡 PS: It's not recommended to use CNAME record at the root level. However, please make sure your DNS provider supports CNAME flattening if you want to do it. If you are still unable to add CNAME at root, you can add an A record at the root whose value is

Hashnode onboarding - custom domain DNS settings screen

9. Click on "I've added the records".

10. "You're all set". Congrats! You've successfully created a blog. We’ll scan for your domain name and provision an SSL certificate automatically for free. Usually, DNS propagation happens quickly. However, it may take up to 24 hours in the worst case.

Hashnode onboarding final screen

11. Head over to the blog dashboard by appending /dashboard to the blog URL. If it's your first time visiting your blog, you need to log in to your blog using the Hashnode account. This takes less than a second. Click on the "Sign in" button present inside the Dropdown menu in the blog header.

Hashnode blog screenshot

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