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⚠️ Before deleting your account, please note that:

  • Upon successful deletion, your data (profile information and published articles) will be deleted permanently.

  • Your posts, comments, and replies published on Hashnode (not a Personal blog) will not be deleted (you can delete these manually).

  • Deleting your account deletes both your Hashnode account and all Personal Blogs and Team Blogs associated with your account.

  • This action is irreversible.

If you need help with your account and do not want to delete it, kindly Contact us.

Here is how to delete your Hashnode account:

  1. Log in to your Hashnode account.

  2. Click on your profile picture at the bottom-left corner of the page on desktop screen or top-right corner on mobile screen.

Hashnode's Feed

3. Click on the Account Settings option from the popup modal to access the settings page.

Hashnode's Feed

4. Click on the ACCOUNT tab.

Hashnode Accounts

5. You will now see a warning in the Delete account section displaying all Personal and Team blogs associated with your account.

Hashnode Accounts

6. Click on the Delete your account button.

Hashnode Accounts

7. A pop will appear now with another warning message and a confirmation form. Please read the warning carefully.

Hashnode Accounts

8. Enter the optional feedback (why you are deactivating your account), your email address, and type delete my account in the form to verify this action.

9. Click on I am sure, delete my account to authorize this action.

Hashnode Accounts

10. If the form's content is verified, your account will be deleted successfully. Else you will be prompted to validate your input.

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