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You can build your subscriber base with our inbuilt newsletter system, allowing your readers to subscribe to your blog's newsletter from your blog home and individual post pages.

All your subscribers will receive an email notification from your Hashnode newsletter custom email address when you publish a new article on your blog.

The "Newsletter" tab on your dashboard is where you can enable and manage your blog's newsletter settings.

How it works

  • Your readers will see a subscription form on your blog home and individual post pages.

  • The method of subscription is double opt-in. This means your subscribers must confirm their subscription by verifying their email. We handle this by sending them a verification link when they enter their email on your blog.

  • Your emails originate from [email protected]. Each email's reply-to points to your Hashnode email address so that your subscribers can reply if they like.

  • Every email has a one-click unsubscribe link. However, if some of your subscribers mark your emails as spam or report abuse, they won't receive your emails in the future. We take care of this automatically by maintaining a suppression list.

  • If you disable the newsletter feature on your blog, you can still access your previous subscribers if you re-enable the newsletter.

  • If you want to import subscribers from a .csv file, kindly contact us (We made this exclusive to selected users to prevent mass spamming imports).

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