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Hashnode Ambassador program (Discontinued)
Hashnode Ambassador program (Discontinued)
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🚨 The Hashnode ambassador program has been discontinued.

The Hashnode Ambassador program is a way Hashnode rewards developers for spreading the word about Hashnode.

If you enjoy Hashnode and want to see your friends here as well, refer them and become a Hashnode Ambassador. It comes with many valuable perks and an exclusive T-shirt!

How to become an ambassador

By following the three steps below, you'd automatically become a Hashnode Ambassador.

  1. First, go to the Hashnode Ambassadors homepage.

  2. Copy your referral link and share it with friends or colleagues.

  3. Once a minimum of 3 people have joined Hashnode using your referral link; you automatically become a Hashnode Ambassador πŸ₯³

Win an exclusive Hashnode T-shirt

Every day, we give the top referrer of the day an exclusive Hashnode T-shirt. Want to win one? Spread the word about Hashnode. πŸ˜ƒ

Other benefits of being a Hashnode Ambassador

Aside from winning an exclusive Hashnode T-shirt, here are other things you stand to gain from being a Hashnode Ambassador.




Beta features access

You get access to beta features before everyone else. Also, some features are only accessible to ambassadors.

Access Beta Features

Custom CSS

Get access to the Custom CSS feature. You can override the Hashnode's default design. Thus, you can personalise your blog!

Custom CSS

Reading History

With the reading history you can keep track of the articles you read on mobile and desktop devices. You can always get back to them later.

Reading History

Publish from Github

When you become an ambassador, you can publish articles on Hashnode straight from Github. Once you get the ambassador group, connect your blog to Github and start publishing articles!

Source From GitHub

Who liked my articles?

As a Hashnode ambassador, you can see the people who react to your articles.

Who Liked My Article

Exclusive Discord group

You get access to an exclusive Discord channel only for ambassadors.

Exclusive Discord Group

Gold profile ring

You receive a unique gold ring around your profile photo to announce that you are a Hashnode ambassador.

Gold Profile Ring


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