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What criteria does Hashnode use to select Featured articles?
What criteria does Hashnode use to select Featured articles?
Updated over a week ago

These are the criteria the Hashnode editors (in-house team members and community managers) look for before picking an article to be featured

  • The article should be original and not plagiarised.

  • The article should be targeted towards general programming

  • We pick articles that are well-researched, which would benefit readers and impart knowledge

  • The articles should be grammatically correct

  • Articles should cover trending topics

  • Articles should NOT be promotional or spammy in nature.

    • For example, intelligently include a bunch of backlinks to some products without offering substantial value in an article.

Additional determining factors

  • There’s no specific algorithm that we follow.

  • Reactions and comments have no bearing on our choice. However, we do have a look while going through the articles.

  • We generally avoid featuring really short articles unless they are exceptional. Nevertheless, Read Time is not the only factor.

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