Editor Focus Mode

Switch to a clutter-free interface and write without distractions.

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With a Hashnode Pro subscription, you'll be able to switch to a clutter-free interface, allowing you to write without distractions on your editor.

To enable focus mode, click the toggle button located at the top left of the editor header, as indicated in the image below.

By enabling this feature, the header menu options, such as the Preview and Publish buttons, will be hidden. This will help you to focus solely on the editor's writing area without any distractions.

The focus mode of the editor also offers ambient nature sounds that can be accessed from the right-side panel while writing.

You can choose from six different ambient nature sounds in the focus mode, including Campfire, Rain, Storm, Stream, Forest, and Wind.

Simply click on any of the sound icons to select a single sound or combine them to create your desired writing atmosphere.

If you're not a Hashnode Pro user yet, you can click the button below to subscribe to one of our Pro Plans.

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