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Insert and run HTML Snippets in Neptune Editor
Insert and run HTML Snippets in Neptune Editor
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Neptune allows you to paste and run HTML code snippets, iframes, and other elements directly within your blog post.

Follow the steps below to insert HTML into your blog posts.

Step 1: Type the /html command and click enter

Step 2: Paste or write your HTML snippet in the code editor widget that appears as shown below:

Step 3: Click on the "Preview" button at the top-right corner once you're done to see the output of the code snippet as shown below:

Watch the video below to see the HTML insert in action:

The list of supported tags includes:

  • <details>

  • <iframe>

  • <dl>

  • <center>

  • <aside>

Rules to insert HTML on Neptune

  • You can only enter one root-level supported element.

  • Only supported elements are allowed

Click the button below to launch the Neptune editor.

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