Neptune Grammar Checker
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Neptune editor offers an inbuilt grammar and spelling checker powered by Grammarly. This feature does not require a Grammarly account to use it on our Neptune editor and no configuration is required for your browser.

Click the button below to launch the Neptune editor.

The Grammarly icon appears in the bottom right corner of the Neptune editor as soon as it loads.

Grammarly will begin checking for grammatical and spelling errors as soon as you start typing, underlining any errors and displaying the total number of suggestions available, as shown below.

If all errors have been corrected, the message "No suggestions yet" will appear.

See the Grammarly checker in action on Neptune.

Test Neptune with the following error paragraph:

Neptune is a WYSIWYG rich text editor with AI capabilites and grammarly cloud based typing asistant that helps writer to develops content with accurate spellng, punctuations and grammar on your Hashnode blog

Click the button below to launch the Neptune editor.

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