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How to Import Your Medium Articles to Your Hashnode Blog
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You can import single or bulk articles from your Medium account into your Hashnode blog.

Here is how to import your stories from Medium:

  1. Learn how to download your Medium stories as HTML files in a .zip archive here.

  2. Log in to your Hashnode account.

  3. Click on your profile picture at the bottom-left corner of the page on a desktop screen or the top-right corner on a mobile screen.

Hashnode's Feed

4. Click on the Blog Dashboard option from the popup modal to access your blog's dashboard.

Hashnode's Feed

5. Navigate to IMPORT, and click on Medium Importer to access the section for importing Medium articles.

Hashnode Import

6. Click on the UPLOAD MEDIUM ZIP FILE button to upload your medium stories export. You can download your Medium stories as .zip using these instructions.

Blog Dashboard

7. The zip file will be uploaded and processed (this may take a few minutes). As it says in the image, do not reload the page while the files are uploading!

Importing the Medium ZIP file

8. Once the articles are imported, you will get a list with all of them. You can select/unselect all of them or you can select/unselect specific articles.

Blog Dashboard

9. Once the articles are imported, you can either save them as drafts or publish them directly. The image below shows an example of importing an article as a draft.

Medium importer Hashnode

If you import the articles as drafts, you can find them in your draft list. You can access your draft articles here.

If you publish the articles directly, you can see them on your blog.

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