Writing Challenges

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What are they#

Hashnode created writing challenges to help you become better at blogging. By completing these writing challenges, you win cool badges which you can showcase on your blog.

At the moment, there are 5 writing challenges:

  • Self Starter
  • Word Warrior
  • Talk of the town
  • Crazy Blogger
  • #2Articles1Week

Note: The writing challenges are subject to change. Hashnode might remove some writing challenges or add new ones.

Self Starter#

You achieve this badge when you publish your first article on Hashnode.

Challenge rules

Do you want to start technical blogging, but lack motivation or ideas? Let's help you overcome this hurdle. Join Hashnode and publish an article on your favourite topic to unlock a cool "Self Starter" badge. Feel free to take a look at some of the article ideas on Hashnode.

If you would like to have some feedback before publishing your article, do share your article draft with us by joining our discord server.

It can take up to 30 mins to assign the badge after you publish your first article.

Badge you win

Self starter badge

Word Warrior#

To achieve this badge, you need to write an in-depth article on your Hashnode blog that's more than 2000 words. That's how you become a word warrior!

Challenge rules

You should pick one subject and publish a well researched article with 2K+ words to earn this badge. After publishing such an article, the badge will be assigned automatically within 30 minutes.

Badge you win

Word Warrior badge

Talk of the town#

Write an article on your Hashnode blog that receives high engagement from the Hashnode community.

Challenge rules

Write an article on your Hashnode blog that receives high engagement from the Hashnode community. Feel free to share your article on our discord channel and invite your friends to engage with it meaningfully. Once your article meets the criteria, the badge will be assigned within 30 minutes.

Badge you win

Talk of the town badge

Crazy Blogger#

You achieve this badge after publishing an article every day for 7 days.

Challenge rules

Are you motivated enough to write one article every single day for 7 days? If yes, take this challenge and become a Crazy Blogger! For example, if you start on Monday you will need to write one article every day till Sunday to unlock this badge. As usual, the badge will be assigned automatically (within 30 mins) once you meet the criteria.

Badge you win

Crazy blogger badge


Write 8 articles in 1 month - 2 articles/week - to get this badge.

Challenge rules

As developers, we write to share knowledge, document our learnings, and improve our skills. The goal of this challenge is to encourage writers to define their writing goals, understand writing standards, become consistent at writing, and build their career.

Writing consistently plays a huge role in helping you become a better writer. It unlocks productivity, transforms perspective, and builds confidence. We believe your writing skill will improve tremendously after you’ve completed this challenge.

Badges you win

#2Articles1Week badge#2Articles1Week badge#2Articles1Week badge