Hashnode Overview

Hashnode is a free developer blogging platform that allows you to publish articles on your domain and helps you stay connected with a global developer community.

With Hashnode, you can create a personal blog or team blog on your domain for free without sacrificing visibility, reach, and total independence of your content and canonical.

How Hashnode Works#

When you write articles on your personal or team blog, Hashnode displays them on feeds using an intelligent algorithm. This allows readers interested in your content to find you, follow you, subscribe to your newsletter, get notified when you publish new content, and continuously read your articles.

We also feature top articles on the 🔥Best section at the top of our feeds page, social media platforms, and weekly newsletter. Your only focus should be writing; Hashnode is here to put you in the spotlight, help you grow and reach your desired audience.

Create an Account#

To get started with Hashnode, you need to create a free account using any of our multiple authentication options. With your Hashnode account, you can create a personal blog, create multiple team blogs, publish your own articles, interact with the community, follow your favourite blogs, bookmark articles, join writing challenges and much more.

Sign in and Create an account using our passwordless authentication process with your email address or social accounts.

Write Articles#

You can write and publish articles using our powerful markdown editor and get your content distributed to all Hashnode users who follow tags related to your article, your followers, and the general public. If you enable the newsletter feature, your subscribers will get notified immediately you publish a new article.

Read Articles#

You can read articles from thousands of writers from diverse regions, and interact with them by reacting on their article, giving feedback by commenting and sharing their article.

Don't forget to follow your preferred tags to ensure that our feeds algorithm recommends articles that match your interest.

Writing Challenges#

As developers, we write to share knowledge, document our learnings, and improve our skills. This challenge aims to encourage writers to define their writing goals, understand writing standards, become consistent at writing, and build their careers.

Hashnode Challenges

Read more about the writing challenges on the "Writing Challenges" page.

⏩ You can also find the challenges on the Hashnode homepage. Go to your Hashnode feed and find challenges on the right-hand sidebar.